Eko Atlantic City Project

Eko Atlantic City Project

Naturally I am excited by the Fashola’s Eko Atlantic City project (See it HERE and read its latest News HERE) even though if I were in his shoes, I would prefer to make current Lagos meet international standard in terms of infrastructural development first before venturing offshore (See Sample HERE). But with what we now know about the catastrophic results of two failed reinforced concrete walls – the New Orleans’ Levees (2005 – See it HERE and HERE) and now the failed anti-tsunami bulwark of sea defences in Tokyo (2011 – see Sample HERE), commonsense suggests that Lagos State Government or any government in a developing world should learn to walk properly before it takes to flight.

Apart from the possibilty of these ‘god-forbid’ scenarios, the unintended social consiquence of developing a new city for the rich when millions live in glorified slums can only be better understood when situated within the context of our very beautiful Abuja versus the rest of the country – especially the Niger Delta area. Building a beautiful city next to an appalling slum may not be a signature statement that can stand as a lasting legacy.

Is it narowly possible that the government of Lagos State under Mr. Babatunde Fashola SAN would make a lot more developmental impacts by committing this fund and level of seriousness to the development of the existing land mass of Lagos State in terms of road infrastructure including a 4th mainland bridge (to serve as an alternative to e.g. Lekki-Epe for instance) , modern transportation including light trains/trams, state/private sector electricity projects as well as a carefully executed new master plan for the modernisation of existing Lagos and its environs in phases?

As ealier stated, the prospect of the Eko Atlantic City excites me and I still hail Fashola as a good dreamer. We need dreams in this country. But I am of the opinion that the substance of the dream of the Atlantic City can equally be achieved in the hinterland for the benefit of all and that after we have conquered the basics, we can then venture to sea! Imagine that the past Mayors of London had favoured expanding London seaward over developing old London to what it is today! What history says about London is that the authority took advantage of any major calamity to re-develop London to meet the stipulates in contemporary master plans – the result is what we have presently. If London today decides to expand towards the moon, the resistance to that would be economic (justification) not the failure of its government to provide essentials for existing space.

Well if the Eko Atlanctic City project is already a fait accompli, it may be in order for the Lagos State Government to quickly assemble a team of experts to study what went wrong with Tokyo’s retaining walls and the Louisiana levees.

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  • Ajingozventures

    I wish we would learn to stop deceiving self in this country. It is then we can get to our destinations faster.
    The major financial contributors to Lagos economy (tax payers) are those living in the areas never marked for development by govt. Govt forcefully collect tax from every income they make, no matter how little. The elites, who run big businesses, never pay taxes or never regular in remittance of taxes, even of those deducted from their employees salaries, all are converted to personal wealth. I hope Mr Fashola will take a proper tour of Lagos and spend tax payers money wisely. The present should be well prepared to face the challenges of the future.

  • Omotee

    Lets be positve and pray that someday we will get it right. History has a way of repeating itself because men don’t learn from History

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