Mar 24

Welcome to my blog on Ariyomo.Com!

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Thank you for reading the first entry to my new blogging account!

NITTA 2007 Awards

NITTA 2007 Awards

This blog was registered by a group of young men and women like you who believe in my politics and leadership style. The account has been registered to enable uninterrupted opportunities for my friends to continue to read my thoughts on our dear country Nigeria and to enable them contribute their thoughts as we continue the debates on national building.

You may also take your time to go through the site being built by my friends to propagate our visions and quests to change leadership in Nigeria and promote excellence at home. You can contribute financially and in kind depending on your taste by e-mailing me*** (please remember to remove the triple star).

Let’s start blogging!

Olatunji Ariyomo

(Tunji L’ght Ariyo)

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  • Mr Ibunkun Adegbehingbe

    Keep it up. Don’t be distracted by enemies.

  • solagbi

    Ore, keep this up

  • Bunmi

    Tunji , you have just openned my eye 2 a way out of nigerias long time problem. Let those who have ears listen to what light is saying to nigerians

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Thank you for reading the first entry to my new ...

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